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Chiropractor Southbank

Port Melbourne

55 Rouse St Port Melbourne


Do you suffer from back pain? Neck pain or headaches? Looking for a natural alternative? Time for a spinal adjustment?


Then call Chiropractor Southbank on 9646 8600 to book an appointment.


Our Chiropractor Southbank  provides low force chiropractic care that caters for the entire family.

Our clinic has been established for over 30 years and our chiropractor middle park also has studied post graduate in chiropractic for kids and babies, as well as sports chiropractic.


The staff and our chiropractor southbank looks forward to serving you with your health needs.

Chiropractor Middle Park welcomes you

Chiropractor Southbank - Port Melbourne. Pain relief & wellness care.

Chiropractor Southbank is located in the bayside heart of Port Melbourne

Walking distance to Baystreet,

55 Rouse St is located at the corner of Rouse and Johnston St.


Bus routes 234, 236 and 606 nearby

Plenty of off Street Parking